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A Gift That Keeps Giving

About a decade ago, Aveda began its search for beautiful, hand-crafted paper for our holiday gifts. In Nepal, we found a sustainably sourced lotka bark paper that’s been used since the 12th century. In the last five years, we’ve purchased over 1 million sheets of paper, which has given employment to 4,975 people—90% of them women. It helps the whole village when women work, because they give back to their families and the community.

With income from paper-making, over 2,000 families can live better, buy food for their children, repair their homes and buy clothing. Now, Aveda uses this paper in our gifts all year long, because we believe the greatest gift is the gift that benefits us all. Take a look at this video that shows how the women of Nepal craft this paper by hand.

This holiday, not only can you get a gift for that special someone, but you can help Aveda change lives for the better with a gift of Himalayan Joy. With several gifts to choose from, not only will you be able to find the perfect gift for everybody this season, but you will feel good knowing that your gift will benefit the families of Nepal as well.

    Truu Salon

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    Truu Salon

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