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Kick Off Summer with a BANG!

Whatever your plans are for the warmer season, why not try a new look and start your summer with a BANG! No, really-2013 is all about the bangs and finding the right bangs starts with your face shape. To find your face shape, grab an expo marker, trace the outlines of your face on your mirror and take a step back to analyze the shape that you just drew. Once you have an idea of your face shape, look for it below and find out what bangs will work best for you.

  • Oval faces
    Since the oval face shape is the most balanced, most bang styles work well with this shape. Try soft, wispy bangs or side-swept bangs. Avoid bangs that fall in your face and hide your lovely face shape.
  • Round faces
    Give balance to round faces with long or wispy side-swept bangs. Face-framing bangs will add length to round faces and make them seem narrower. High or angled bangs will also work well with this face shape. Avoid short bangs, straight-across bangs, center parts and volume at the sides.
  • Oblong faces
    A straight-across bang and side-swept bangs bring balance to longer faces, especially when paired with a side part. Avoid bangs that have a lot of height, and avoid wearing a center part with no bangs. These styles will only exaggerate the length of your face, making it appear even longer.
  • Square faces
    Razored bangs will soften a strong jaw line. High or angled bangs also compliments square faces, giving the illusion of roundness. Long, side-swept bangs create softness, making your face seem less square. Avoid blunt, heavy bangs and straight-across bangs, because they’ll only make your face look even squarer.
  • Diamond faces
    Diamond faces come across very long, so to help shorten the length of a diamond face, try straight-across blunt bangs. Wispy, side-swept bangs also look great, creating a soft and flattering look. Avoid short bangs, mini bangs and center parts, which tend to elongate the face.
  • Heart faces
    Give some balance to your features and make your forehead look slimmer with long, side-swept bangs. Bangs with some height adds more length, giving balance to heart faces. Avoid full, heavy bangs or full, side-swept bangs that hide your entire forehead, because it’ll only make your face look shorter.
  • Triangle faces
    Triangle faces have a heavy jaw line and draws attention downward. Side-swept bangs or wispy side-swept bangs allow some of your forehead to peak, drawing attention up and highlight your eyes. Adding some height to bangs will also help draw the eye upward.

Summer is the perfect time to spice up your look with some bangs. If you’re unsure about your face shape, the type of bangs you should have or if you should have bangs at all,  schedule a free hair consultation. We’d be more than happy to sit down and talk with you about what type of bangs will work best with your face shape or any other hair matter you have in mind.


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