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Limp, Flat Hair – A Distant Memory

When it comes to hair, bigger is usually better, but not all of us were born with thick, voluminous locks. For those of us with thin, limp hair, it can seem like every day is a bad hair day.  Styling can seem tedious and like a waste of time, especially when hair falls flat not even two minutes after styling it.  With a healthy lifestyle, the appropriate hair care regimen, and the right haircut, you can transform limp, lifeless locks into hair that looks fuller and feels thicker.

Leading a healthy lifestyle plays a huge role in your hair’s appearance and well-being.  Drinking plenty of water will prevent hair from falling flat by keeping the scalp and hair hydrated.  It’s also important to get your daily servings of protein-rich foods, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.  A deficiency in protein or any of these vitamins can result in hair appearing thin, limp, dry, and damaged.  Boost shine naturally by eating foods like eggs, beans, fish, and spinach.  Improve hair growth and prevent hair from looking thin and limp by consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.  If you’re having trouble getting the right serving amount, try a multivitamin.

In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s also important to invest in a hair care regimen that’s specifically designed to volumize and add fullness and body to limp locks.  Pump up the volume with Aveda’s Pure AbundanceTM volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  This lightweight, plant-based formula makes hair look and feel more abundant without weighing it down. The conditioner is a crucial step to creating volume, so don’t skip it.

Prepping your hair with the right hair products before blow drying hair is the key to getting a voluminous blowout.  Instead of using gel, try Aveda’s PhomollientTM Styling Foam.  Flip head upside down and work a little foam into tresses, from root to ends. With your head still down, blow dry hair.  Once hair is about halfway dry, flip head up and begin drying hair using a medium-sized round brush.  When drying hair with a brush, it’s important to work in sections, not only winding locks around the brush, but lifting hair and adding a blast heat from underneath towards the roots. This will help you create that luxurious and voluminous hair that you see on all the celebrities.

If you want even bigger hair, it’s time to bust out the hot rollers. Work in 1-inch sections and lightly spritz roots with a volume spray, like Aveda’s Pure AbundanceTM Style Prep.  This product is not only good before styling, but it’s also great the day after, when you want to revitalize your volume. After spritzing roots, wind hair around rollers from ends to roots and secure rollers to head.

Set the style by hair spraying the hair while still in the rollers.  It’s best to use a hair spray like Aveda’s Pure AbundanceTM Volumizing Hair Spray, because it’s infused with certified organic acacia gum, which helps hair look even thicker and fuller.  Allow rollers to sit for 20 minutes or until completely dry.  To ensure that the hair has set, blast your rollers with some heat from the hair dryer, before carefully removing the rollers.  Flip hair upside down and gently shake your head, before flipping it back up.

If your hair’s still not big enough for you, it’s time to tease the hair.  Using a fine-tooth comb, lift hair at the roots near the crown and lightly backcomb.  Mist locks with a little more hair spray, and then backcomb again.  Use a natural bristle brush to gently smooth hair over the teased crown section, and lightly mist with a little more hair spray.

If you’re still having trouble getting the volume you want or using the products, visit Truu Salon for a free consultation.  Our professional stylists will not only help you better understand how to create a voluminous look at home, but they can also discuss with you the different haircuts that naturally increase hair’s body and fullness.  With a healthy lifestyle, the appropriate hair care regimen, and the right haircut, limp, flat hair will seem like a distant memory.

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