Ombre Or Balayage? Which one to get?

Balayage Vs Ombré

If you’re a self-confessed beauty enthusiast, you’re probably not shy about discussing balayage and ombré hair. But, for those of you who become nervous when the subject of French terminology comes up, here’s everything you need to know about these techniques!


Balayage is all about the application of color. Balayage is derived from the French verb “to sweep.” Not all ends will be touched by Balayage, and the transition from dark to light will be considerably longer and more natural appearing.

Balayage or Ombré


Ombre is a haircolor method in which all of the ends are treated, and the transition between the darker roots and the lighter ends is rather minimal. Ombre is a French word that means “shaded or graded tone color.”

Balayage or Ombré

What connects Ombré and Balayage together?

Ombré is normally achieved by applying lightener horizontally with maximum saturation of the part and then blending upward to diffuse the line. However, Balayage is achieved by painting color onto the surface of the hair in smaller sections. Ombré has a more horizontal layout, whereas the latter has a more vertical placement.

Ombré is a style, whereas Balayage is a method

Balayage or Ombré

Because the haircolor placement is not exact, but rather transitional (for Ombré) or sweeping (for Balayage), both result in a low-maintenance routine. Regular foil highlights, for example, demand more frequent salon visits. Balayage and Ombré are both specialty hairstyles that frequently need more time spent in the salon.

The good news is that, depending on their desired outcome, anyone can try either style. The two processes can even be combined to achieve any desired hair color.

Which one is best for you is mostly determined by the style you want to achieve. Your artist should be able to work with you on either approach to achieve the color effect you want, whether it’s a blonde, brown, red, rose gold, or even a vibrant color look.

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