Pampering, Self-Care, And Beauty While Sheltering At Home

Truu Salon is close now but our team is still here for you! We feel your pain and you are not alone. Your roots are growing out, your grey is showing, your cut has lost its shape, your VoMor hair extensions need to be replace, and stress is on the rise. Here are just a few ways we can help from afar.

Tuesday Live Streams

First up, every Tuesday at 2 pm we host a Facebook Q & A live stream with one of our Truu Salon hairstylists. This is your opportunity to talk through your challenges with someone you know and trust. No hair or beauty question is off-limits. Feel free to get real and we’ll talk you through the temporary solutions to help you make it through until you can book your next appointment. It’s also an opportunity to connect and engage with Hollywood locals.

Follow Truu Salon On Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily hair and beauty tips. At the moment we are hyper-focused on what you need to know now. This includes the best protective styles for extensions, why you shouldn’t color your hair at home, how to avoid the temptation of cutting your lovely locks yourself, and more. We will also be providing tips for using Aveda Essentials that will help you to better manage your hair at home.

Be sure to join our GoFundMe raffle to support our stylist while the salon is closed. The prize is $1,000 in salon services!

We even have a few fun t-shirts and swag for those of you who love to shop online. Just be sure to select Truu Salon at checkout!

Pamper Yourself

Just because you can’t head to the salon doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself at-home. Here are just a few ideas for DIY hair, self-care and beauty.

Experiment with different ponytail styles, advanced braids, and finally pull out the styling tools you rarely or never use. This will fill up more of your time each day, and looking your best always helps you to feel your best. We’ve got a few How To videos on our website, just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If you have kids at home or are sheltering with friends or family, trying out new hairstyles together is a fun way to pass the time. If you are using heated styling tools be sure to use the proper protective products. We suggest Aveda Heat Relief™ Thermal Protector to protect your hair when using flat irons and curling irons.

If your hair is dry, damaged or brittle now is the perfect time to give your heated styling tools a break—providing your hair some time to repair. Just shoot us a message and we can talk you through the damage and recovery products to try over the next few weeks. In your case, you may stick with simple hairstyles and focus on growing healthy new hair. If your hair is not damaged, you may still want to take a break from heated styling tools. Focus on deep conditioning to keep your hair healthy and strong.

If you have a skincare or beauty product you’ve been wanting to try but are committed to your go-to products, now is the perfect time to experiment a bit. In fact, this is a perfect question for our Tuesday live stream Q&A. Many of our clients are turning to Aveda Essential Oils to help manage stress and anxiety. Don’t forget to try a few new lipsticks, eyeshadows, and makeup essentials. Or maybe you have curly hair but have never tried a dedicated Curly Hair Product line. Trust us, you will immediately notice the difference!

A lot of ladies are using this time to skip their makeup and focus on letting their skin breathe. The choice is up to you as you may feel more motivated and like yourself being fully put together. If you decide to let your skin breathe start with a gentle Aveda Exfoliator, followed by a Deep Cleansing Clay Masque. Then, spend the next few days applying Botanic Kinetics™ Toning Mist, followed by an Eye Cream, Moisturizing Serum and Anti-aging Cream. Since you won’t be heading outdoors, you can skip the SPF protection and use your night cream in both the morning and evening. In just a week your skin will be glowing.

These are just a few ways to manage your hair, skincare and beauty while Truu Salon is closed. Check back to our blog and social media regularly as we will continue to provide tips and tricks to look and feel your best!

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